s_londonI have been working as a creative director, art director, and graphic designer in the Bay Area for over 13 years, both for individual clients and within an in-house creative team or marketing department. I have designed and produced a wide range of projects, but I am more than just a list of design services; I’m a strategist. My expertise is looking at the big picture to identify the critical goals of a project before work begins. During the process I apply a get-it-done work ethic, active listening, diplomacy, and well-honed organizational skills aimed at delivering both quality and quantity of the final work produced.

My strengths extend beyond design to include an in-depth understanding of project management and online marketing. Being an integral part of the marketing department in all my positions, I’ve worked closely with the Chief Marketing Officers, VP’s and Directors of Marketing in undertaking online marketing initiatives where we conceptualized creative that helped advance the company’s business, marketing, and branding objectives.

In summary, I am a dedicated, creative leader with a simple goal: to create cost-effective, results-driven, branded communications and marketing collateral. I believe my clients’ or company’s needs and goals are primary—rather than my portfolio—and it is my job to translate those ideas into strong visual solutions.


Steven Contreras